3G TURBOCHARGER SCRIPT DOWNLOADNowadays a good part of populations possess smartphones with Android OS and even the low budget phones support the 3G internet speed. Unfortunately some users after applying the 3G contract with their provider they don’t feel the difference of speed. This is a known issue with the smartphones on Android. Luckily an individual programmer created a script that resolves this problem for most smartphones. Not many details are known; basically the script enables your smartphone to request an additional download channel from a different tower of the same network/telco company. This script doesn’t guarantee the effect, but if your telco company has the required equipment you will observe a boost in your internet connection.

3G Turbocharger Script Free Download

To download the 3G Turbocharger script just click on the button bellow. The download is 100{9c946488f08406474a6c74b63296c2549ae0570aff1ac508a2a7f5a9d6a909a6} free!

3G Turbocharger Script Update