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A Dance with Dragons

“A Dance with Dragons” – novel in the genre of epic fantasy authored by American writer George R. R. Martin, the fifth part of the saga “Song of Ice and Flame”.Initially, the cycle was thought of by the author as a trilogy, the name “Dance with Dragons” referred to the second book of the cycle, after the “Game of Thrones”. “Dance with the Dragons” and the previous book, “The Vulture Feast” (2005) “Dance of the Dragons” has long been called in the Seven Kingdoms war. But now the war covers more and more new lands. The war is rolling from the North – because of the Wall. The war is coming from the West – from the Islands. The South is plotting war, dreaming to plant its stavlennitsu on the Iron Throne. And quite unexpected threat from the East comes from the “dragon mother” of the Daeneries … What will happen? Blood and hate. Love and politics. And first of all – the fate, which it was possible to reduce the great forces in a deadly dance.