AKZIDENZ-GROTESK FONT FREE DOWNLOADAccidents-Grotesque – this is a grotesque typeface that has a semi-closed static grotesque with little contrast in stroke thickness. The history of this famous font began in 1880, when Ferdinand Theinhard (the owner of his own foundry and royal puansonist) designed Royal Grotesk for scientific purposes of the Prussian Kingdom. Ten years later, «Stuttgart Bauer & Co. Foundry» makes their Accidenz-Grotesk, based on Royal Grotesk. After that Berthold Foundry buys Bauer & Co and develops all known Akzidenz-Grotesk, based on Royal Grotesk, Buecher Grotesk, Lilliput Grotesk, Grotesk G and Steynschrift, which were also acquired by it.
Over time, the font took all the new changes, last modified dates back to 2006. Akzidenz-Grotesk is the first dial-sans-serif font, which became really popular.
You can download and explore on your own this font with great history!