AMNESIA THE DARK DESCENT DOWNLOAD FULL FREE PCEveryone loves to watch a horror movie in a group of friends, because then it is not so scary. However, another thing, when you watch these films alone in an empty apartment at night. And it is much worse to be part of such horror, to plunge into its plot.
AMNESIA THE DARK DESCENT is the scariest game you’ll ever play. It is first-person game, where you play for a certain Daniel, who suddenly woke up in a dark medieval castle. In addition, he does not remember anything and does not understand what to do. The game impresses with its addictive gameplay and lots of really scary moments, from which you will cry like little children. It is very important to not play at night, because you will wake up the neighbors, or you later will not be able to sleep.
Take your chance and download the game. Check your courage!