Is the capture quality otherwise pretty much the same? These factory-made default settings do not account for interlace, the aspect ratios are often wrong, the frames-per-second setting is often wrong, and the resolution is often wrong. Tiger Direct they have a bunch of cheap equiv’s of the canopus! By hagbard in forum General video editing software help and advice. Be sure the VCR is setup properly. This is how it will appear on the settings menu.

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User Name Remember Me? I do have my eye on a few AIW cards.

There can only be four shown at one time, but dozens of them can exist on your system. Another reason to upgrade.

How to Capture MPEG Video with ATI All-In-Wonder Card (AIW) – The Digital FAQ

It may improve the MPEG-1 quality. Please note that the best way to create a new AVI capture template is to select an existing AVI template and alter it. Dec 20, Ninja Hawk Hosting [Pre-Review]. For distribution purposes, the final edited video can be saved in either of the two MPEG formats. HostGator Alternatives, Part 1: Oct 19, ati rage theater video capture Who to Use and Why.

It provides a richer quality. Be sure you have a decent dedicated sound card not onboard sound and that everything is properly hooked up.

TV Wonder™ PRO Drivers and ATI Multimedia Software for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition

The board specifically features S-Video and Composite outputs and a Composite input port. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.

A nice feature to capture a 6-hour tape and walk away.

In my case, even VDub didn’t work. And then watch it every viddeo minutes or vudeo if you can. Be sure you ati rage theater video capture a decent dedicated sound card not onboard sound and that everything is properly hooked up.

This is for capturing movies off of HBO or similar movies channels, and squeezing them onto one disc. Be sure to read the various capturing guides and articlessuch as Understanding Your Sourceor else you may become lost when I started discussing topics like interlace and audio.

How to Capture MPEG Video with ATI All-In-Wonder Card (AIW)

However, this method of anti-copy is flawed, as incorporated into ATI hardware, and often causes issues trying to convert unprotected home video tapes. Find all posts by lordsmurf. At this price, we still prefer the hardware MJPEG of the Matrox Marvel series ati rage theater video capture real video editingbut if all you’re interested in is putting together a few quick AVIs for internet publication or any other type of production where image quality ca;ture your top concern then the software capture provided by the Ati rage theater video capture Theater is just right since you can capture to a lower quality format than the MJPEG aka disk space monster of the Marvel cards.

The time now is YouTube channel with video tape captures. One thing I will miss is the razor sharp analog video output of my Matrox card. Appropriate workflow for Hi-8 Sony vldeo cassette? Macrovision is an anti-copy system made to prevent you from copying tapes.

How to Capture AVI Video with ATI All-In-Wonder Card (AIW) – The Digital FAQ

Everyone can, thsater course, play raw uncompressed video, but the file sizes are simply unreasonable. Or better yet, just buy a timebase corrector TBC.

I just want to make sure that it’s not a problem. Fast systems, notably Caoture Pentium 4 or better systems, seem to perform best with AVI capture, especially if using a codec for compression. Right-click to make this change. I used it for preview output to a monitor in PPro 1.