Webbie – Savage Life download free

WEBBIE SAVAGE LIFE DOWNLOAD FREEWebbie is an American rapper. His real name is Webster Gradney, Jr. He was borned September 6, 1985 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He begins his career in 2000, but first appearance was on Lil Boosie’s album «For My Thugz» on the track «Gotta Get It» in 2002. His debut album «Savage Life» was released in 2005. Thereafter he released three more albums with the same title, only with numeric numbering.

G-Shit – 3:16
How U Ridin’ – 4:08
Like That – 4:02
Full of That Shit (featuring Lil Boosie) – 3:12
Give Me That (featuring Bun B) – 4:27
Crank It Up – 4:00
Laid Way Back – 4:19
Gutta Bitch – 4:03
I Got That (featuring Lil Boosie) – 4:00
What Is It? – 4:26
Back Up (featuring Lil Boosie) – 4:25
Bad Bitch – 4:11
Mind Ya Business (featuring Big Head) – 4:02
Come Here Bitch (featuring Mannie Fresh) – 4:07
Retarded – 3:56
Gotta Show Me You Worth It (featuring B.G.) – 4:05
U Don’t Want That (featuring Big Head & Lil Boosie) – 4:13
Bad Bitch (Remix) (featuring Trina) – 4:03

The album includes singles such as « Give Me That», « Full of That Shit», « Laid Way Back» and others. The album received average scores of critics, however, was well received by listeners. Over 60,000 copies of the album have sold for the first week.

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Jimmy Swaggart songs free Download

mzi.xypmscak.600x600-75Jimmy Swaggart is an American Pentecostal pastor, author, teacher and televangelist. According to his official website, in the 80s his show was transmitted to over 3,000 stations every week. Because of sexual scandals in the early 1990s, Swaggart has lost a part of the audience, but even so the weekly “Jimmy Swaggart Telecast” program is broadcast until our days, on 80 channels around the world.

Jimmy Swaggart Songs Online

As a musician Swaggart started his career in the early 70s, after he released his first studio album called “Some Golden Daybreak”. In 1974 he was voted as “Favorite Gospel Music Artist” by the “Singing News” readers and later even Grammy Nominated for Best Gospel Album in 1976.

Amazing Grace
Are You Washed In The Blood
At The Crossing
At The Roll Call
Blessed Assurance
Build My Mansion (Next Door To Jesus)
Come & Go With Me
Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
Falling In Love With Him
Friendship With Jesus
From The Altar Of Repentence
Glory, Glory
Glory To His Name
God Will Provide For His Own
God’s Gonna Bless His Children
Have Faith In God
Haven Of Rest
He Accepted Me
He Hideth My Soul
He Is Lord
He Keeps Me Singing
He’ll Understand And Say Well Done
He Took My Sins Away
He Touched Me
He Will Hold To My Hand
Heaven (Instrumental)
Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter All The Time
His Hand In Mine
How Great Thou Art
How Long Has It Been
I Am Thine O Lord
I’ll Be Somewhere Listenin’ For My Name
I’ll Never Be Lonely Again
I’m Going Home
I’m Nearer Home
I’m Walking A New Road
I’ve Ha A Vision Of Jesus
I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today
I Want To Praise The Lord
If God Is Dead Who’s This Living In My Heart
If That Isn’t Love
In My Fathers House
In That City Where The Lamb Is The Light
In The Garden
In The Shelter Of His Arms
It Took A Miracle
It’s Different Now
It’s Over Now
Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
Jesus My All In All
Jesus The Nazarene
Jesus Use Me
Jesus Will Outshine Them All
Just Over In The Gloryland
Learning To Lean
Leavin’ On My Mind
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
Looking For A City
Love Lifted Me
Mercy Rewrote My Life
No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
Oh, How I Love Jesus
Oh, I Want To See Him
Old Gospel Ship
One By One
Only Jesus
Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul
Part 1
Part 2
Part Eight
Part Five
Part Four
Part Nine
Part One
Part Seven
Part Six
Part Ten
Part Three
Part Two
Pass Me Not (Altar Call)
Praise God I Am Free
Remind Me Dear Lord
Room At The Cross
Send The Light
Shltered In The Arms Of God
Side A
Side B
Some Golden Daybreak
Something Within Me
Standing Somewhere In The Shadows
Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul
The Answers On The Way
The Eastern Gate
The Healer
The Joy That Came To Me
The Last Mile Of The Way
The Old Account Was Settled
The Old Rugged Cross
There Is A Fountain
There Is A River
There’ll Be Shouting On The Hills Of Glory
There’s A Wy To Cross Over
This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
This Is Like Heaven To Me
This Old Rugged Cross
Wasted Years
What A Day That Will Be
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
What A Lovely Name
When My Savior Reached Down For Me
When We All Get To Heaven
Where The Roses Never Fade
Who Am I
Will You Meet Me Over Yonder
Yes, I Know
You Don’t Need To Understand

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My God is Awesome – Charles Jenkins free download

MY GOD IS AWESOME CHARLES JENKINS FREE DOWNLOADCharles Jenkins is a musician and he was a member of a power pop band, Icecream Hands. Power pop is a popular musical genre, which contains American pop and rock music. It is a combination of musical devices such as strong melodies, clear vocals and crisp vocal harmonies, economical arrangements and prominent guitar riffs. The “My God is Awesome” song has all these features and now you can enjoy it absolutely for free! This song it a gospel-styled one, because it tells about God’s powers and fulfills our hearts with love and harmony. By the way, Jenkins received a grant from the Australia Council in 2013 to record an album centred upon the theme of water.

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CIV 5 KEYGENSid Meier’s Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and released in 2010. In this game the player leads his civilization from the prehistoric period up to modern times and beyond. The turns in the prehistoric period pass more years than the turn in modern area. As time passes the player has to achieve one of the seven possible victory achievements: economic development, research, government, expansion, military conquest, diplomacy or exploration. Each victory requires a different way of civilization development and strategic planning. And the first player that achieves one of these conditions wins the match.

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BOY SCOUT HANDBOOK 12TH EDITION PDF DOWNLOADRight now you can download the 12th edition the official handbook of the Boy Scouts of America.

The original edition of the handbook was based on Baden-Powell’s work. First edition was published in 1910 and till present days is gives thousands of useful advises and helps future boy scouts. The 12 edition is an anniversary-year edition and it combines the traditional content of years past with modern-day Scouting needs. Moreover, you can find here sections from the Internet, which will help you in finding the needed information. The book describes many Scout-like virtues and qualifications, so you won’t ever get bored of reading it.

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Beyonce – 4 (Dlx) Deluxe Edition (.ZIP format)

DOWNLOAD BEYONCE 4 DELUXE EDITION ZIPBeyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American R’n’B singer, musical producer, actress, dancer and model. Her solo career started after the breakdown of the group she was a part of – Destiny’s Child, with that she debuted with a solo album called Dangerously in Love (2003), which included hits like Crazy in Love and Baby Boy, also this was one of the best albums in 2003.

Afterwards her solo career just kept getting better and in 2011 she released her fourth album called “4”. In the first week of its release were sold over 310000 album copies, and it took first place in the Billboard 200 chart. Only one song is sung in a duet with Andre 3000, all the other songs are solo interpreted by Beyonce.

Beyonce – 4 (Dlx) Deluxe Edition album

  • 1+1
  • I Care
  • I Miss You
  • Best Thing I Never Had
  • Party – Beyoncé feat. André 3000
  • Rather Die Young
  • Start Over
  • Love On Top
  • Countdown
  • End of Time
  • I Was Here
  • Run the World (Girls)
  • Lay Up Under Me
  • Schoolin’ Life
  • Dance for You
  • Run the World

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Usher – Confessions (.ZIP format)

USHER CONFESSIONS ZIPUsher is a well-known American singer, songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and actor, and now you are able to download one of his best albums, which is called Confessions.

Usher Confessions ZIP format download

Confessions is the fourth studio album released in 2004. The album was an instant commercial success in the United States, selling 1.1 million copies in its first week. Its continued success was bolstered by its four chart-topping singles. The album has been regarded by music writers as Usher’s greatest work, and according to Billboard, is the second best-selling album of the 2000s decade in the United States. However, Usher did not think of collaborating with many new record producers to handle Confessions.

  • Intro
  • Yeah! (featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris)
  • Throwback
  • Confessions (Interlude)
  • Confessions Part II
  • Burn
  • Caught Up
  • Superstar (Interlude)
  • Superstar
  • Truth Hurts
  • Simple Things
  • Bad Girl
  • That’s What It’s Made For
  • Can U Handle It?
  • Do It to Me
  • Take Your Hand
  • Follow Me

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Dake’s Bible (Dake Annotated Reference Bible by Finis Jennings Dake)

DAKES BIBLE FREE DOWNLOADDo you know who Finis Jennings Dake is? Or heard of him? If not, is never too late to get acquainted with such interesting personality.

Dake was born in the early 20th century in the United States. At age 17 he became a Christian and started to be interested in the profession of God’s servant. He also became the Pentecostal minister. After many years of service to God, he started having trouble with the law and after lengthy proceedings, he left the job. So he decided to engage on writing books. He wrote several books, but the most famous is «Dake Annotated Reference Bible».

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Usher – Confessions album download

USHER CONFESSIONS ALBUM DOWNLOAD“Confessions” is the fourth studio album written by the American singer Usher and released on 23rd March 2004 on Arista and LaFace Records labels. The album contains 17 songs, in some of them Usher collaborated with the great artists Lil Jon, Ludacris and Jadakiss. In this album Usher showed himself, for the first time, as a crooner, and also contains hip-hop and crunk elements. The album describes Usher’s hard personal relationships, but the album’s head producer Jermaine Dupri told, that the album represents Usher’s deep emotions. In the first week after its release, the album was sold in over one million copies.

Usher – Confessions album tacks List:

  1. Intro
  2. Yeah! (featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris)
  3. Throwback
  4. Confessions (Interlude)
  5. Confessions Part II
  6. Burn
  7. Caught Up
  8. Superstar (Interlude)
  9. Superstar
  10. Truth Hurts
  11. Simple Things
  12. Bad Girl
  13. That’s What It’s Made For
  14. Can U Handle It?
  15. Do It to Me
  16. Take Your Hand
  17. Follow Me

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