City of Heavenly Fire – PDF file download

Another stunning bestseller New York Times from the world-famous author of classical urban fantasy – Cassandra Claire! The next part of the trilogy.
In the long-awaited novel “City of Heavenly Fire,” Clary and her friends will face a truly terrible enemy: Clary’s brother. Sebastian Morgenstern draws Nephilim against his own brethren. Using the Infernal Chalice, he turns the Twilight hunters into gloomy creatures, ripping families and lovers to fill the ranks of his gloomy army. Love will be sacrificed and many will give their lives in a terrible battle for the fate of this world in the exciting final novel of the “Cannons of Death”!

Pride and Prejudice – PDF file download

One of the most famous novels of Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice” is  included in the list of Golden classics of world literature. The prose of the great writer of English literature is witty and immediate, the described time is provincial England of the late XVIII century,  the events of the novel unfold, full of charm, and the relationship of the characters resemble as elegant dance. The love story of Mr. Darcy and miss Elizabeth Bennet, who managed to correct the mistake of pride and prejudice, has been winning the hearts of readers for two hundred years.  The novel was screened many times.

Mere Christianity – PDF file download

K.S. Lewis (1898-1963) is a modern classic of English literature and a Christian thinker. His apologetic work “Mere Christianity” is written on the basis of a cycle of radio conversations. Christianity is already two thousand years old, and each of the three major and vast many small currents added to it their traditions and understanding of their ideologues. But under the traditions and differences in understanding, the essence of all Christianity is one. And she, this essence, which is to communicate with God, remains the same. Clive Lewis, who gives a clear and precise understanding of Christianity, turns to her. If you define the book briefly, then this is the answer to the question of what is Christianity. And the answer is complete and exhaustive.

Night – PDF file download

This book is certainly difficult. Death and life, two opposites, which merged into one image. In life, there are situations when a person appears in a form in which it is difficult to ever imagine. And war is the worst thing that can happen between nations. The book describes the torment of the protagonist during World War II. “Night” is a reminiscence of a Jew about his stay in a concentration camp.So the Jews from Hungary were driven to the camps, first Auschwitz, then Buchenwald. The fifteen-year-old boy who lost all his family tells about a miracle. They all died terribly. And with them thousands more and thousands. This is a terrible story about people and non-humans.

In Cold Blood – PDF file download

The book is based on real events. In 1959, in Kansas City, in a small farming settlement, the Clutter family, two parents, a boy and a girl, was horribly murdered. Clutter were successful and highly respectable people, all in the district spoke of them only flattering words. Who was guilty of such a terrible crime, was there a motive, and what motivated criminals? The book is an enumeration of events before and after the murder, alternating with a description of the characters and biographies of criminals and interviews with family acquaintances, but the narrative is not dry, but narrated in an artistic style. The characters of the criminals are first showed on the one hand, and there is no doubt who the leader and ringleader are, but when they confess and reveal the details of the murder, everything changes upside down and their characters seem in a new light.

Cards Against Humanity – PDF file download

Amazing and interesting board game adapted to the Russian mentality. A positive and funny game. The rules are very simple: The presenter asks the question from the black card, and the players respond in the most ridiculous way with white cards. Before the start of the game, each player types 10 Light Cards into his hand. One player is randomly selected and the Card Guru is assigned to this round. The Guru takes the Dark Card, then reads its contents out loud. It can be a question or a “paste-missed-word” phrase.

The Most Dangerous Game – PDF file download

Richard Connel’s book was written in 1924. A story in the genre of psychological thriller and fantasy. Transmits the contrast sensation to the reader. The main attention is paid to the complexity of the relationship, but a slight irony, smooths out the acute angles and relieves tension from the reader. This story is a kind of puzzle, and its logic can not be unraveled, until the very last page. There will arise a desire to look at yourself, to compare yourself with the described events and situations, to embrace yourself with other coverage – to the fullest and widest of the soul. Dialogues of the characters are interesting and informative due to their different views on the world and the difference of characters. The interchange is entrusted with a huge mission and it does not disappoint, but on the contrary provides an opportunity for further reflection.

The Odyssey – PDF file download

“The Odyssey” refers to the genre of epic poetry. Creation of an outstanding ancient Greek poet. It has more than 12 thousand poems. Philologists of Alexandria, several centuries before the beginning of a new era, divided it into 24 books, according to the number of letters of the Greek alphabet. Thus, the ancient book was a fragment of up to 1000 lines, which were placed on a single roll of papyrus. The poem describes the return of Tsar Odysseus home after the Trojan War. With his wisdom and cunning, the King conquered the Troy. The returning was very difficult and challenging. His wife and son tried to be convinced by King’s enemies that he was dead, but the king’s wife was intelligent as her husban, and did not believe to anyone. The poem reflects not only the real journey of the protagonist in space, as his movement within his soul, and the solution of various ethical and moral tasks by him.

A Sound of Thunder – PDF file download

A Sound of Thunder

Intellectual bestseller Ray Bradbury, a philosophical story, in the style of fanatics and apocalypse. “And the thunder struck” – a story about our future, past and present. Sending his hero into the past, Bradbury directs our thoughts to the future. After reading to the point, you understand that everything happens in the present. And everything is interconnected. And we must realize this now, that it, this future, someday has come.What little can change the course of history and turn the whole world, the “butterfly effect” … probably this is the whole meaning of the book. Humanity must be aware of all the beauty of nature and its colossal role in our life.

Elite – PDF file download

“Elite” – the second part of the trilogy of Kira Kass about
In Elite, the spectrum of actions expanded, dark secrets appeared, intense competition, betrayal, treason. The struggle for the prince becomes tougher 30 girls are 6 girls and this is the elite. And most importantly the main heroine of America needs to decide who truly belongs to her heart.
America in this part is more intelligent and more courageous. With her ideas, she gives people some hope for a different future that can change and be better. This part of the trilogy is also easily, freely and quickly read. The plot only grows, pitting different heroes with their feelings, emotions and struggle between each other.