Beyluxe Messenger is a software that forms the base for several video chat rooms as well as SuperIM. There are several features of this software that prove beneficial as a versatile platform for messaging. For instance, video calls can be made for free by this software. Applications like Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger use this software to allow calls to ten people for free. SuperIM URLs are also easy to access through this software. The software allows one to get customisable URLs for free which are based upon the messenger nickname of the users. This allows one to be available for chat with others who come online. This chat service includes several convenient features like video conferencing, video chatting and instant messaging.


This software is a platform based on which several instant messenger services work. The premier advantage of this software is the provision of SuperIM URLs. The software also offers features like free video calling, instant messaging and video chatting.


This software being free, it is necessary that one finds a reliable download site for the right version. Encryption features are not found in this chat messenger platform which is offered on many other competitive services.