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Call of Duty: Black Ops is a 3D first person shooter game, developed by Treyarch. As its predecessors it offers an interesting singleplayer campaign and a heavy multiplayer environment. The storyline of the campaign is set in the Cold War period, in the period 1961-1968; you will play as Alex Mason a CIA agent of that period that tries to stop different soviet projects. After finishing the campaign you can try the multiplayer mode and play against other people. The multiplayer offers different modes and maps to choose from, also a big weapon arsenal for your choosing awaits.
Call of Duty: Black ops tried to revive its former glory, and in some points it did (obtaining high score reviews on most gaming portals). Give it a try by downloading the keygen for this game by clicking on the button below and play it without any restrictions. The download is 100{9c946488f08406474a6c74b63296c2549ae0570aff1ac508a2a7f5a9d6a909a6} free!

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