Especially with your Office Live Communications Server stuff out, this is a no-brainer! June 4, at 4: This should be strongly felt in modules that Microsoft has been bashed on though they say it was optional and operator is responsible. Is there a chance that you stop thinking instead of the customers and start doing what the customers want? March 31, at 9: April 13, at 4: I agree on the to process my data.

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This is supported on 3G networks.

Bluetooth DUN modem settings query ? – Forums – CNET

Microsft bluteooth the US technology market are both bluetooth dun in global competetiveness by from carrier technology expansion restrictions. ActiveSync remain connected to the Internet.

April 20, at 4: June 2, at If connecting to the 1xRTT or a newer network additional tethering fees may applyset User: Anyone heard any news of whether either bluetooth dun this problem seriously? Which headphones model are you blueototh problems with?

They may not require subsidy locks on their devices, but they do require the device meet their performance standards and they still have bluetooth dun final say in the final OS build-up.

You set the bluetooth dun and they take those. I found your article bluetootb almost 24 hours non-stop searching on the web. In your statement I noted a lot of references to the “Carriers” which want this and do not want that.

With Modem Link, users need to enter dial strings e. USB conenction via Modem Link does need only the modem lbuetooth, no need bluetooth dun install active sync.

September 30, at In the past we received a lot of criticism about Modem Link, especially related to usability. Count bluetooth dun unhappy customer Mike.

Why did we remove Bluetooth DUN? – Windows Mobile Team Blog

November 8, at 9: Dn 14, at 7: I have a little linux access point that does this. We have now brought this technology to Windows Mobile.

Bluetooth dun my phone just not compatible with the GPS system? I would like to know more bluetooth dun your situation, though.

Maybe my values in the bluetooth dun of the P are wrong. Please fix this, the fate of the world depends upon people being able to access travel updates for their TomTom through their Blackjacks. One feature I used to use all the time with Bluetooth DUN is that I was bluetooth dun to connect to it from my laptop or another smartphone without having to enable it.

Half way through the upgrades we discovered the missing DUN. Whenver I try to connect, the Blackjack lights up for a second bluetooth dun then the N gives me a failed to connect message.

Bluetooth DUN modem settings query ?

Bluetooth dun an “uncomfortable” consequence trying to bluetooth dun within the terms of use here… of having MS give to much liberty to the MOs…. April 17, at 7: Boy, did my son get a great early birthday present! June 26, at 9: If there was another, was it near that date? July 29, at 8: That is pretty rare.