CISCO IOS IMAGES FOR GNS3 DOWNLOAD FREEYou are tired of those # across your screen? Every time you boot up your router you’ve seen these go across the screen.

Many of the Cisco IOSs are compressed. When you see the # going across the screen, it means that the IOS is uncompressing itself. You can save time if you uncompress the image now, and then load the uncompressed image when you start your routers. You need to uncompress all of your IOS images that you plan to use with GNS3. This will significantly speed up your start up time. Don’t forget that 2600 series images must be uncompressed before using them. You can download Cisco IOS Images for GNS3 absolutely for free and perform the needed procedures in other to get rid of those # across your screen.

Press the DOWNLOAD button, which is below, and get is 100% for free!

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