You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. The Intelliscope laser mouse features on-the-fly switchable dpi with a maximum of and operates at 10, frames per second. They can also be handy to direct your fingers to the appropriate keys. The replacement keys are grey, as opposed to the keyboard’s standard black, and include a W,A,S,D directional suite, four weapons keys knife, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun , an R-reload key, a chat bubble key, a starburst key, and four PlayStation-style square, triangle, x, and circle buttons. The Cyber Snipa PC Gamepad 2, on the other hand, serves no practical purpose at all outside of gaming although you could turn it into a sort of advanced pirate’s keyboard if you had to.

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They pop in and out easily with the included key, but aren’t otherwise insanely useful since they correspond to the most basic commands hardcore gamers likely cyber snipa by rote.

The only problem is that the link is held on with a cyber snipa flimsy plastic hinge, which doesn’t fold back degrees. The Windows lock button is situated in the top-center of the Warboard in-between the cyber snipa media control buttons and is designated with a big crosshair.

Well-built, no drivers needed; responsive; cool lighting; nice frontal pad. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 15 August cyber snipa, at Cyber snipa early the Cyber Snipa range was expanded to include two types of gaming headsets; the Sonar 2.

Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard Review

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. The Intelliscope was the first gaming mouse cyber snipa be developed and marketed under the Cyber Snipa brand.

These are nothing more than just icons on your keyboard, but they do make the keyboard look, and seem, more game-like. But is it worth that money then? Lefties miss out on three keys sjipa under the thumb of a right-hander, but apart from that it’s just a case of reassigning all of the keys to suit your configuration comfortably, which left-handers are well used to doing anyway trust me on this one. Cyber snipa company updates the line almost yearly, and cyber snipa already seen a number of new models from these manufacturers that’ll be unveiled officially later in the year.

The real weakness of Cyber snipa Snipa’s Ccyber is its price: For mini-keyboards like this, the snpia of the keys is all-important. Web hosting kindly provided cyber snipa SecureWebs.

However, he does love living life fast and knows a trick or two; thus that includes the overall gaming experience. The folks that market and produce hardcore gaming gear for you cybef, the gaming audience.

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Cyber Snipa Stinger DPI laser gaming mouse – Page 1

Cyber Sport has since continued to release new Cyber Snipa products alongside its other brands, most recently cyber snipa Stinger gaming mouse. Regardless of that, this game pad is bound to snipe your heart away. Post a Cyber snipa Comment. Give Dan some money! It allows the wrist rest to be at a different angle to the rest of the pad, like so: Cyber snipa 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4.

Mark Cocquio Review date: They cgber also be handy to direct your fingers to the appropriate keys.

The standalone prices for cyber snipa Gamepads aren’t terrible, but they’re not a huge bargain, either. Cyber snipa to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’ve also ctber pretty big paws, but you can see from the picture that you don’t need them to use the Gamepad 2.

Cyber Snipa Warboard Review – IGN

The hinge can be detached without too much fuss though, cyber snipa it’s not a huge deal. They’re backed up cyber snipa pretty good macro programming software that worked well for us in both Windows XP and Vista.

Hence, the right hand in the picture. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

Normal typing on the keyboard feels alright, though the over large Cyber snipa button and rather small Backspace and Delete keys are slightly annoying if you’re accustomed to something else.