d3dx11_42dll not foundSometimes the computer shows us the messages like:”The file d3dx11_42.dll is missing” or “D3dx11_42.DLL Not Found”.
The d3dx11_42.dll file issues are caused by a Microsoft DirectX problem.The d3dx11_42.dll is one of many files that are contained in DirectX. As we know DirectX is utilized by Windows based games and not only. So, this messages may appear when you may be running a game.
First thing you need to do, is to download the .dll file and to put it in the folder where you have installed DirectX. Afterwards you reboot the computer. After doing all these simple steps the messages shouldn’t appear again.
You can DONWLOAD for free the d3dx11_42.dll, and the computer will stop showing you error messages of this type.