kort.s_spellcrafting_calculator-133235-1Dark Age of Camelot is a medieval fantasy online game, that combines Norse mythology, Celtic Legends and Arthurian Lore with high fantasy level. The game includes both PvE and RvR combat modes. In order to earn experience and as a result obtain a higher level, the player must defeat monsters. Depending of the hero you have chosen, you will be able to develop new skills.
The games allows you to choose the realm that fits you the best: Albion, Hibernia, or Midgard. Each realm has it’s specific races and classes.
If you are a DAoC player than you are familiar with Spellcrafting Calculator that was hosted at daocmaps.com, that unfortunately was closed. The calculator allows you spellcraft your gear in the game.
If you need this calculator, you can DOWNLOAD it for free on the link below.