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Death of a Salesman

“Death of a Salesman” – a play by American writer Arthur Miller, written in 1949.
The plot tells of the unfortunate salesman Willie Lomane. He receives a rather modest salary and, like other American inhabitants, has to pay a lot of credits all his life. The main dramatic conflict of the play – the conflict between illusions and reality – is complicated by the family conflict traditional for Miller’s drama: between the father, the bearer of false ideals, and two adult sons. The “Death of a Salesman” embodies three famous mythologies: the path of human life, the return of the prodigal son and the mythology of the American dream. Mythology of the path, originally associated with the ancient complex of ideas about death as a new birth, appears here in a purely pessimistic version. On the threshold of suicide, in the night scene in the garden, a half-mad traveling salesman realizes that “nothing has been planted yet, and his land is completely barren.”