DOWNLOAD LITTLE FIGHTER 4 TURBOLittle Fighter 4 Turbo is a 2D fighting game made in the traditional anime style Here we have very colorful and strong skills drawn and balanced for you to discover and use. Have you ever felt like sliding your way though the enemy lines with an ice turbo? Or maybe you always wanted to play as Pikachu and disintegrate your enemies with lighting? Well all of that you can experience while playing Litlle Fighter.

Little Fighter 4 Turbo Downloader

Simple in its design and game play, it engages the player in the fight right from the start. Choose a hero and discover his unique abilities. Try all of the characters and find the most suitable for your style of playing. Play with friends and lot more.

Link: Little Fighter 4 Turbo

Download Little Fighter Turbo for free by clicking the download button bellow and enjoy your smashing and butt kicking action.