nx420_fca-ior-nn_690x460Epson Stylus NX420 is a multifunctional printer that has impressed me with it’s elegant design. It has quiet small dimensions and you can connect it to your PC via USB or WiFi. Because of it’s small price, the printing- scanning speed and quality are not on the highest level, but it still provides a good set of MFP for the money you have payed. The best thing about NX420 is that it is a great job by printing very thin lines, that a lot of expensive printers are not capable of. In any case if you have already bought it, I hope you will use it for a long time. To maintain his functions on the “new device” level, you need to download the Epson Stylus NX420 Driver, it will do a great job, trust me. You can DOWNLOAD it for free on the link below.