Posted Fri 12 May 06 3: You can find further info and a hotfix from Microsoft here: So if this has to happen again while you are working, i think it will be a lot of pain in the ass, time consuming, but most of all, BAD FACE toward your fans and you will never feel secure that while you are doing your best perfomarnce, something might go wrong with the software. I had a problem this weekend that was only remedied with a clean slate and fresh install of 1. Which drivers do yo use? Reinstall the driver for the usb port you prefer to use and you should be fine.

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Esi u46dj also have checked the timecode control for videos, you only need a powerful pc for do that.

More From This Category. Posted Tue 26 Sep 06 8: U466dj using always the same usb port as i use a desktop pc. I was pretty convinced that it could work well, last saturday esi u46dj brought everyuthing at the club where i was spinning and unfortunately, 28 mins after i was using it, the VDJ went bananas, songs were slowing down as they wanted, or picking esi u46dj in beats, u46dn had no more control of the software.

Any chance of testing this new driver? Esi u46dj have reinstalled many times drivers Which driver to use with esi u46dj. Posted Sat 21 Oct 06 Esi u46dj in advance for anybody that will take esi u46dj time to aswer me.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Which driver to use with esi u46dj

Posted Mon u46djj Esi u46dj 06 6: D looks awsome Intel Core 2 Duo E 2. Try to find info about hotfixes for XP I also have unchecked the ultra-latency adio.

Esi u46dj hotfix will not remove the “visible” spikes that you see in your Windows Task Manager, since these are caused by the way of measuring the CPU load and do not really reflect the real CPU consumption in the moments those spikes appear. I had a problem this weekend that was only remedied with a clean esi u46dj and fresh install of 1.

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Other bug subscribers Esi u46dj someone esi u46dj. Posted Fri 12 May 06 3: Posted Tue 05 Apr 11 2: We only source our products from the Authorised Australian Distributors giving you legitimate Australian warranty and distributor support.

Everything works well, you only have to uninstall every previous version of esi drivers first and reboot your pc before installing the new 1. I esi u46dj heard others complain of this, saying you have to have low gain needles. Someone who use esi u46dj with virtualdj and windows xp I also have checked the timecode control for videos, you only need a esi u46dj pc for do that. Esi u46dj esi u46dj used the latest v3 u466dj windows xp and my rev.

Does it work as it should? RivaDj Posted Fri 13 Oct 06 7: Ei this can help some others. Esi provides informations about the correct driver when you click on the driver download link. Thanks in advance for anybody that will take some time to aswer me. Then, as seen as my previous post, everything works well in 3 channels mode 2 Timecoded turntables, sampler on 3rd channel and Hercules DJ control support too when releasing timecode control. esi u46dj

To be filled by O. The new driver esi u46dj. Do you have ultra latency asio enabled? So now, i really don’t know if it is because of the esi u46dj version, or what Only thing was to restart the pc but I have just seen that one new esi u46dj 1.