The commands on the tools are easy to figure out and navigate about. The tool is best for occasional use. The installation process of the tool is straightforward and basic which allows first time users to get started easily. The Mac version of the tool has a short video that plays initially to introduce the basic features and functions of the tool. There is a step by step wizard application that helps to get one started. The tool acts as a web publishing system that can be comprehended and provide all that someone needs. You can conduct a scan with the software and you will be taken step by step through the process if you have not used the program in this manner before.


There are several handy features of the tool such as a photo gallery, an analog clock face and ability to check out the screenshots. The step by step instructions come of help for the first time users. There are function keys that get enabled when your computer comes on when you specify the same.


The absence of a Help section becomes a deterrent, especially when one is a first time user of the software. In certain cases the system closes by itself when a cleaning function is completed.