fate-undiscovered-realms-20081215055148408-000Did you enjoy the Wild Tangent video game? Well, now you have the chance to play it’s first sequel Fate: Undiscovered Realms. Like the original game, FUR is an action role-playing game similar to Diablo and Diablo II. It was developed by WildStudios and was released on July 17, 2008. You will continue fighting monsters, completing quests, collecting gold and clothes for your character and of course learning new skills. The game has more than 2 billion dungeon levels, and each of them is fully randomized for a particular level.
FUR received positive reviews, and on both Gamespot and IGN won a 7.0 mark.
If you are a RPG fan, than you will like this game for sure! You have the chance to DOWNLOAD it for free on the link below.