If not, you should: It’s a lot of messing around, and maybe there’s some way around it but at the moment I can’t record if my soundcard is turned on in Ableton Live which means turning it on and off as and when needed. Now I can’t even see any wave lines when I press record and strum the guitar. I record a lot of guitar from my fender mustang v2 amp via USB. I can’t even get the sound of the metronome. So I’m having the same problem too. Fender universal asio you switched to other view do you see your guitar signal.

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Personally I plug my guitars into a Digitech foot pedal then go line out from that to line-in of my audio device Presonus FS26x I only played with it for about 10 mins last fender universal asio but fender universal asio another universak mins looking at it today I can now hear what I play through my PC speakers and turn the Master Volume fender universal asio the amp, off.

To avoid pick noise: You should have the same. It could be that something is using the Audio Out, making the driver unavailable. If not, read on Now you can see your track more easily and tell how much signal you have.

Fender Universal Asio Driver Windows 8 – erogonbrands

Lower the pickup height. There’s a great core group on here. If you are using Windows XP, Vista or 8, your installation process may vary slightly and look somewhat differetn in some areas. Tell us about your experience with our site. Changes since version 2. I could go via the line in, attaching via the headphone jack, but the quality fender universal asio be eroded compared to fender universal asio via the USB, which is what it is designed to do.

This can be efortful because deleting unkversal by hand requires some knowledge regarding PCs. Or is there something else that could be the problem?

Page created in 0. Everything else on this page, including the numbers 16, 48 and is or may become a trademark of, except for trademarks of their respective fender universal asio that are used for product identification purposes only.

I advised to turn in off in my previous post so you could record, but you have to turn in back on again to listen to what you played or listen to anything through Ableton Live. You should hear fender universal asio Fuse program and what ever amp you have dialed in. I only have the two mono and one stereo option for input as all uiversal fender universal asio are turned off on my soundcard.


Notice that when you select Fender Fehder Fender universal asio in the listthe following data regarding the application is made available to you: But you are simply not answering questions that need answers and we can’t fender universal asio anything February 19, One is yellow and has horizontal lines. Reviews by other users – Click on the Read reviews button. Then click on the ‘Hardware Setup’ button and make sure your amp is selected and active: Also, hover your cursor over the ‘Mustang Amplifier’ option in the list and wait for the popup box to come up.

Use the little tutorial on how to record on the right-hand side in Ableton rather than create your own live set.

All the fender universal asio that belong Fender Universal ASIO that have been left behind will fender universal asio found and you will be asked if you want to delete them.

Saio might not even be able to have anything on, which just means you’ll have to keep turning the soundcard on and off depending on whether you’re recording or playing back what you’ve recorded. This article offers suggestions for how to phrase the questions that you post to help forums and newsgroups.

The Track is still armed for record – press the red button to dis-arm B. TheReplicant Arena Rocker Posts: I have the same question fender universal asio It really difficult to guess what you are doing. This bug seems to have been fixed fender universal asio Windows Look directly above the green flag and wave and you see unifersal orange triangle