Fire_Emblem_Radiant_Dawn_Box_ArtFire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is a tactical role-playing game published by Nintendo and released in North America in November, 2007. It is a sequel of previous Fire Emblem game, Path of Radiance, so the action takes part Tellius, a continent that is divided in seven nations: Daein, Hatari, Crimea and four others. Each nation is governed by a beorc or laguz. We still enjoy fundamental Fire Emblem series format, but the creators surprise us with new unit classes and elevation advantage between battling characters.
The game is separated in four parts, each part having prologue, followed by a certain number of chapters. The action is set three years after Mad King’s War, and I must worn you that the game as an increased level of difficulty. The reviews and rates are pretty high, so if you are a fan of Fire Emblem games, don’t hesitate and DOWNLOAD it for free.