FREE YAHTZEE DOWNLOAD FULL VERSIONSometimes it happens that you sit at home or at work, dying from boredom and thinking what to do. There is nothing interesting in the Internet, you are tired of all the games on your phone or computer, and time agonizingly stretches. In that case, YAHTZEE will help to have fun.
It is very interesting board game with very simple rules. The game consists of throwing the bones and knocking out the right combinations. Except this the game runs in 13 rounds. The only difficult thing is estimate points, but after a few games all becomes very simple. You can also play this game with friends or colleagues at work, which makes it even more exciting.
Download YAHTZEE now, so that later was what to do in your spare time! It’s very funny, and most importantly a free game that will not let you get bored!