Gillian Flynn – “Gone Girl” PDF Download

GONE_GIRLGillian Flynn is an American author that was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She started her career as a writer in 2006, after publishing her first novel “Sharp Objects”. He third novel, Flynn has published in 2012, called “Gone Girl”. The book tells us the story of a man, Nick Dunne, that is desperately searching for his wife,Amy Dunne, that has gone missing on their fifth anniversary. The novel becomes extremely interesting when Nick becomes the main suspect in murdering his wife.

Worldwide, the book has received generally positive critics. 20th Century Fox has even purchased the film rights, and contracted Flynn to write the script.

In my opinion, “Gone Girl” is a well-written thriller novel, that will keep the suspense during the entire reading.

Republished in 2018!

You can DOWNLOAD the full novel for free on the link below.