HAITIAN KOMPA MUSIC FREE DOWNLOADMusic is a concept that combines a variety of styles and musicians around the world. There are world-famous styles such as rap, rock, pop, but there are also lesser-known, so-called national styles. To such styles reggae, gospel and compa are included. Compas (sometimes written Compas Direct, konpa direk, konpa, kompa or compa) is a musical genre which is native to Haiti that people have been dancing and singing since the 1800s. Nemours Jean-Baptiste is considered the father of Kompa. He was originally a Latin and Jazz musician. He has developed the music in 1955 and founded his first band «Conjunto International». In 1956, Nemours changed the band name to «Ensemble Aux Calebasses» playing Kompa Direk, what would be the modern day genre.
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