HELVETICA NEUE ULTRALIGHT FREE DOWNLOADHelvetica is the font family class neo-grotesque, referring to the style of sans-serif fonts. The font was created on the base of Akzidenz-Grotesk and Schelter-Grotesk in the Swiss company Haas’sche Schriftgiesserei in 1957. It was originally called Neue Haas Grotesk. Helvetica is one of the most widely used sans-serif fonts. There are versions for the following alphabets: Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Vietnamese and Khmer. Helvetica is widely used in the logos of various international companies.
HELVETICA NEUE ULTRALIGHT is one of the branches of Helvetica. The font is slightly reduced in weight and width to deliver the style its uniqueness. You can download it for your collection from the link below!