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When you get connected to any VPN (virtual private network) there is always a high chance of hacking of your personal stuffs. You cannot trust any public Wi-Fi networks easily because there is no security of you data it can be hacked anytime. But, by the aid of the Hotspot Shield you do not need to worry anymore.

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In case of unsecured networks you can use Hotspot Shield for ensuring a secured connection of internet. It is available for windows, Mac operating systems and also for ios and android this software protects your data and information to get hacked by hackers or snoopers. The latest version of this software is Hotspot Shield Elite. It secures your browsing sessions, encrypts your data, detects and blocks malicious websites and hide your IP addresses thus increasing your security and privacy. You can also avoid the internet censorship by connecting to a VPN server using this software which is located outside your country.

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