IALMDEV5.DLLOne of the most common problems in Microsoft Windows are errors with DLL files. These can occur for different reasons, because there are a lot of DLL files, and each of them is responsible for its own sphere. DLL files are a dynamic library that allows reuses the same function by different programs.
The file IALMDEV5.DLL is part of the driver set for motherboard chipset. When you start computer or try to launch Sims 3 you can encounter a Blue Screen of Death error. Usually, the above error is reported when a conflict occurs between the video drivers on computer and the program that uses the ialmdev5.dll file. Many forums and websites you will be advised to update the drivers on your computer, but you can solve the problem without it. Maybe in your system the file has been deleted or corrupted. Download the file IALMDEV5.DLL and place it in the desired folder.