Visualpharm-Icons8-Metro-Style-File-Types-DllINPOUT32.DLL is a file created specially for Windows-based computers, that gives you direct access to hardware ports. For the first time it was designed by Logix4u for Windows 9x 32-bit, that is a version of Windows NT. In case that your computer sends you a message, that this specific file is missing, than you must solve the problem immediately. First thing you need to do, is to download INPOUT32.DLL, you can do this on the link below. Your next step, is to move the file to the system32 directory, that is usually located in the disk C. Afterwards, do not forget to reboot the computer.
Keep in mind that this file is for 32-bit computers, so before downloading verify what Windows edition have you.
Do not hesitate to DOWNLOAD for free the latest version of INPOUT32.DLL file right away!