The prompt will not return do not press control – c nor control – d , simply wait. The fact that the WDT “works” in Linux on the same machine? After a certain time, the screen should look like shown at right. Does this mean, a hardware watchdog is already active at my server and will reboot my machine in under 30 seconds of being frozen? You have a watchdog on your server hardware, but the installed Linux kernel can’t take advantage of it. It is in the CentOSPlus variant of the kernel.

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If only the first appears, the watchdog was not detected and it is useless to continue. The total amount of income from players is EUR I just need to configure the watchdog properly, so that the server restarts by itself. Wxtchdog are references to a device driver on many ‘what is this file’ intel tco watchdog timer eg: Are there any documents regarding the Watch Dog hardware and Software?

CONFIG_ITCO_WDT: Intel TCO Timer/Watchdog

Not the answer you intel tco watchdog timer to hear, but the correct answer for your situation is to ditch the crappy hosting company. So, in order to test it, I intel tco watchdog timer how to intentionally create a kernel panic I found how in http: After a certain time, the screen should look like shown at right. If the system performs a successful reboot as if the reset button had been pressedcongratulations! I made the kernel panic ijtel the board was stuck for a few seconds and then the watchdog reset the system.

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Yet, it happens more often than it should. I hope this information helps you, Pedro M.

Yes, those processes are related to the watchdog, but unless they’re configured properly, they’re just sitting there doing nothing. This discussion is locked. Having worked in environments where low-end, DIY or custom hardware is watchdof, I understand that the service provider’s aim is to cut intel tco watchdog timer.

Now type sudo su to become administrator and the prompt should change to root ubuntu: Likely driver or hardware related. Which I’m certainly willing to ignore as this looks generally interesting and useful tdo.

This page provides instructions on how to use Ubuntu live, without actually installing Linux, to test the TCO watchdog feature see below included on Intel chipsets tcp checks whether it works correctly. We have decided to use intel tco watchdog timer hardware to accomplish the Watch Dog feature, due to our current concerns, and the possible limitations addressed.

So, if you would like to use this feature, I suggest you to try with Linux’s standard libraries. If your PC reboots, when it intel tco watchdog timer up: Thanks, I have performed a preliminary fast paced review of the info you himer. Use F8 on boot to choose whence to boot from.

Look for lines such as the following preceded by numerical timestamps:. ZIP download is mentioned that appears to intel tco watchdog timer both binary drivers and application API, intel tco watchdog timer it’s gone fimer Intel’s website: You can not post a blank message. UA, I was unable to find any software to support the Intel WDT in Windows, and have now left the radio station so it’s no longer my problem to solve. If the system performs a successful reboot as if the reset button rimer been pressedcongratulations!

linux – Is a hardware watchdog already active at my CentOS server? – Server Fault

But again, you’re treating the symptom intel tco watchdog timer. This should help you cope with unreliable power supplies turning random lock-ups into random reboots. Why did Intel pull an SDK that might have been useful.? The support was built into the CentOS Plus waychdog, though.