Kappa_MikeyKappa Mikey is the first anime that was produced entirely in United States. Even if it uses Japanese animation and culture, it is rather a parody, than a true anime. Created by Larry Schwarz, the American sitcom tells us the life of an American adolescent, Mikey Simon, that wins a role in a popular Japanese television called “LilyMu”. We accompany Mikey and his friends Gonard, Guano, Lily and Mitsuki in their complicated everyday life. And I should not forget about the strict boss Ozu and his assistant Yes-man that make’s the show even more funny. Kappa Mikey depends a lot on gags for comedy and gross-out humor. It started running on Nickelodeon on January 6, 2006, and had two exciting seasons.
You can DOWNLOAD for free the first episode of this amazing anime right below.