LeapPad2-Green-frontYour baby wants an iPad, but you understand that he/she is too young and at the same time you don’t want to crush your kid’s dreams. Well in this case LeapPad is going to solve your dilemma. LeapPad is a new toy tablet, that has a 5.2 touch screen, and weights around 775 grams. What is new about LeapPad 2 is that it has a front camera and has a faster processor. Now your baby can enjoy dozens of educational games, videos, music and even e-books.
I am sure that your son/daughter will like the LeapPad as much as he/she likes your iPad, because they will understand that this tablet is only their.
Of course you know that you need to constantly install new applications, because in another way they get bored.
Here you can DOWNLOAD dozens of applications absolutely for free.