Leisure_Suit_Larry_-_Love_for_Sail!_Coverart“Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!” is one of the best point-and-click games that I have ever played! Even if it was released in 1996, it is an very funny video game released by Sierra On-Line. It is an adventure single-player game, part of the Leisure Suit Larry series. Compared to previous games it is more fleshed-out, has a colorful cartoon style and finally we enjoy full voice acting.
This time Larry finds himself on a cruise ship, and in order to get into the Captain’s Thigh room, the sexiest sea captain, he must win the weekly contest held on the boat.
Your job is to help Larry to cheat, in order to win his way in the captain’s bedroom.
In my opinion, this is a fun and relaxing game that you will enjoy. You can DOWNLOAD it for free on the link below.