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Life of Pi

“Life of Pi” – a confession novel, a fantasy, a revelation, a parable, where the struggle with oneself, when everything around only destiny bears only trials, becomes the meaning for a moment of existence. “Life Pi” is a novel that at first glance is as simple as twice two, but Jann Martel lulled his vigilance with a lot of reasoning, and then at the last moment turned the world over, forgetting to put it back.In this small work everyone will find for himself what he has long been looking for. This is not just a story of one journey and self-discovery. “Life Pi” is a small mirror in which all human vices, passions and virtues are reflected. In each of us lies something bright and valuable – or vice versa, vulgar and dark – you will not see it at the first meeting, and why, you need to hide deeper and do not show your nose until the time comes to act. The loneliness is power, more powerful than any tsunami, capable of killing.