LINKSYS AE1000 DRIVER WINDOWS 7 DOWNLOADWI-FI is a great way to connect to the Internet. With him there is no need for network cables that is necessary to connect to your computer. They hamper the movement with a laptop at home or office. A router can be installed anywhere an inconspicuous corner of the room and you can catch the internet anywhere.
But what to do if you have a desktop computer and it does not have Wi-Fi adapter? For this case, LINKSYS AE1000 and was created. It connects to the computer as a simple flash drive, through the USB input. It also has a function of selecting diapoza and speed up to 300 megabits per second. He is suitable not only for surfing in the internet, but also for downloading large files.
You can download the driver for LINKSYS AE1000 at this page, clicking the link below.