Little Fighter 3 Turbo free download

LITTLE FIGHTER 3 TURBO FREE DOWNLOADLittle Fighter 3 Turbo is a 2.5D fighting game. The game offers a good number of playable characters with unique basic attacks and, of course, special and super attacks. Also Little Fighter 3 Turbo offers different game modes; you can pass the campaign solo or co-op with other live humans. Co-op can be obtained by hot-spot or internet (up to 4 players). Another game mode, is the versus mode that involves up to 8 human and non-human players that can play hot-spot or internet. A very dynamical and un to play game with your buddies on a day off.

Little Fighter 3 Turbo Download

Play this awesome fighting game with your friends and find out who’s the strongest among you, just click on the link below to receive a full version of Little Fighter 3 Turbo. Even with Windows 10 this game is working!

Little Fighter 3 Turbo Full Version Download