Where’s Elizabeth Warren when you need her? Highly Recommended Audio Recording Interface and cheaper than the new models. Perhaps this is normal. Am not giving up yet! Mike Botzaropoulos YouthWorker November 20, The 8 analog inputs are very useful when recording drums and other input demanding sessions. The expandability with the adat input is huge plus.

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I can send any input on the M-Audio to spdif out via aux. Hi, Thanks for posting!

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Ahdio firewire cable on is just to have buss power. The strange this is that the driver was actually working for me on El Capitan.

So presumably I need to make the Audient interface the one that Logic recognises first? Turned out that it was that AD Converters that sounded bad. There is no installation program, you just unzip the drivers to a directory and when the OS recognizes the hardware, point it to the directory. m audio firewire 1814

M-Audio Firewire | Reverb

Cheers for the reply. I laid down a number of audio and MIDI tracks to exercise everything.

I bought this unit new a long while back. Joshua Gunty November 20, What is the ADAT out for on the though if not to carry an analogue signal on to something else?

M-Audio FireWire 1814

Perhaps this is normal. Unfortunately, it kept crashing my new IMAC. After I bought this I replaced my speaker cab, my mics, my cables, all of m audio firewire 1814 amp emulation gear, tearing my hair out to get a sound tat wasn’t horrible.

Nico Caffarella April 13, Joelg October 27, The last available driver will support up to Mac OS Bottom Line – if you have a Mac running Leopard there are only m audio firewire 1814 drivers out and they will most likely cause your Mac to crash after boot if the unit is attached and on.

Show More Show Less. Perhaps ADAT is buggered on the You’ll probably have to set the as the clock master, by setting the sync source to Internal – digital inputs unmutted, and in the iD14 setting it to clock to the ADAT input. I could try that with the appropriate driver and m audio firewire 1814 if that does anything This item doesn’t belong on this page.

I cannot, cannot, cannot m audio firewire 1814 audio to the ADAT buss. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. I plan m audio firewire 1814 getting preamps such as Presonus’s Digimax with an adat output to expand my analog inputs to Trashing a good piece of hardware for M-Audio’s failure to fix its installer should be a crime. They look like great speakers. Hi Andy, no I never did. I would have also like to see a couple more balanced analog outputs instead of the 8 digital outs, but I can see where some folks would prefer the digital.

Jorge Sanjuas Iglesias October 24, I have been in contact with Firewore support and development promised final drivers to be delivered mid-March. Hi guys, im brazilian film sound man, and i have the same problem with my firewire, Can you solve it? So what do you think? Luckily my FW is m audio firewire 1814 going strong and it functions well under Win I’ve tried every combination of settings I can think of.