mario-kart-wii_1You are a racing video games fan, then you should definitely try Mario Kart on Wii platform! Super Mario Kart, that’s how have been called the first series, was released in 1992 by Nintendo.The series have sold around the world more than 100 million copies, which is an impressive number.
Mario Kart 8 is the latest version, released for Wii video game console in 2014. Only in the first month the game has sold 2.82 million unit sales.
The game runs in a traditional Mario Kart way, where characters from Mario universe race against each other.
In this version you can enjoy for the first time anti-gravity racing or you play with you friends on-line.
If you are looking for the cheat codes to unlock everything in this amazing game, than you can easily DOWNLOAD them for free on the link below.

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