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“Mein Kampf” is the book of Adolf Hitler, combining the elements of the autobiography with the exposition of the ideas of National Socialism.
The German name “Mein Kampf” when referring to a book is often used without translation.

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The first volume of the book was published on July 18, 1925. The second volume – in 1926. Originally, the book was called “4.5 Years of Struggle against Lies, Foolishness and Cowardice.” The publisher Max Amann, finding the name too long, shortened it to two words: “Mein Kampf”.

The book reflects ideas, the implementation of which was the Second World War. Hitler used the main theses of the popular at that time ideology of the “Jewish threat” about the monopoly seizure of world power by the Jews. For example, it is argued that the international language of Esperanto can become part of the Jewish conspiracy.

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This is a unique historical document. It contains a lot of reflections on its own biography, books, politics, history, party organization, ethnology, oratorical art, religions and much more.

Not every dictator writes a book revealing his plans before coming to power and scrupulously following them.

The book is very strong and helps to learn about Hitler a lot of new things that they do not write on the Internet, in the media, and documentary films, and also do not tell in history lessons.

Also from the book you can find out the details of Hitler’s childhood and how his political views were formed. Much attention is paid to propaganda as a means of manipulating the mass, by appealing not to its mind, but to its feelings.

This book is an excellent textbook of political science. It describes the causes of many of Germany’s troubles of the time.