I tried my receiver and and the controller on my Windows BootCamp , it worked fine and it was easy to setup. Normally that would not be needed, but I have heard of one other users experiencing issues with the initial sync as well, and this approach seems to fix it. Apr 29, – 2: Just made the latest version 0. Jul 9, – 1:

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– MacOS X – How to use a XBox Controller on Mac

Hi Jim, where did get the message about corrupted files? Please give it a try! Hi Meme, Which link are you using to download? I assume it worked just fine under Windows ie. Check the USB port device.

Hi Andy, Of course your comment will be posted …! Jan 23, – 5: Anyhoo … tested the latest Controller 0.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Receiver for Windows Review – IGN

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Since multiple folks run into the same issue with the wireless controller assuming you microsoft xbox 360 receiver use the original Microsoft controller ; consider opening a support ticket on the GitHub page link. The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver will begin shipping later this month and essentially makes a PC fully capable of accepting any and all first-party Xbox wireless peripherals.

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Mar 15, – 6: I have been trying to connect a controller for a while, I have the correct. I can help you with your question. Jul 15, – 1: Install the Wireless Gaming Receiver software. Microsoft xbox 360 receiver you controller connect to the dongle? Jul 15, – 3: Hi Graig, oh wow, I have not encountered that issue. Dec 10, – 4: Hi Hans, it works! You could, if available, test it on a Windows PC to make sure controller and receiver work together. Microsoft xbox 360 receiver Plus – Share this page Hi Lauren, The green light should not be blinking, it should be solid.

Mar 7, – 4: Keyboard and mouse is just to alien to me. Select Check for updates. Wireless Xbox Controllers Always check your controller with the preference pane found at: Hope this micosoft ….

Maybe this Forum topic might be helpful as well. In the end it is unfortunate that games do not always use hardware in the same way. Maybe in the next update…. There are comments. Notes Refer to your game documentation for information about how to configure accessories microsoft xbox 360 receiver micrsooft specific game.

I was just trying to say that neither Apple nor Microsoft seem to provide the means to use such a controller on a Mac.