MSS32.DLL KOTORStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic doesn’t want to start, but you want to play this game and enjoy all its features! Fear no more, because your download the MSS32.DLL file and your day will be saved!
Sometimes, when downloading via Steam, this .DLL file can be lost and you need to surf the web in order to find it. From now on you can get it from this place absolutely for free! Moreover, share this file with your friends or at forums with those people, who are having similar problems. Just move the needed .DLL file into the game’s folder. Don’t forget that the game needs to be closed in that period of time, because you may get extra problems.
If the game is launched and you are copying the MSS32.DLL, then it can lead to file system’s crash and you need to clean the registry and maybe reinstall the game.