naruto_shippuden_group_by_mmeades01-d5635d4“Naruto Shippuden” is the second part of the worldwide known manga series “Naruto”. It is a fascinating story about a ninja,Naruto Uzumaki, from the village called Konoha, that is trying to find recognition among other ninjas. Naruto has a dream, to become the Hokage, the leader of the village and the most powerful ninja. Together with his teammates, Sakura and Sasuke, and team-leader Kakashi, he is going on dangerous missions and makes new friends and enemies.
“Naruto Shippuden” is a wonderful anime with multiple fascinating techniques and intriguing scenario, that you will love from the first episode.
For those who are familiar with “Naruto Shippuden”, you can DOWNLOAD for free the episode 130, full English dubbed, on the link below.