Netgear-WNA1100-100PES-Wireless-N-150-USB-Adapter-mit-Cradle-0Netgear N150 is a Wireless USB adapter that will help connect your desktop computer to any WiFi network. Now you will be able to chat, watch movies online, play games, check you e-mail without using long Ethernet cables. It is quiet small and I am sure you will like the elegant design. The USB device is very easy to setup and offers a secure connection to a WiFi network in a cafe or mall. It is compatible with both Wireless-N and Wireless-G networks, and this is really great!
If you keep asking yourself the last couple of days, “Why the USB adapter takes so much time to connect to a network?”, in this case you definitely have to download the Netgear N150 Driver, that will take good care of your device.
You can DOWNLOAD the Driver for FREE on the link below.