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norbit_frontcover_large_zpgJDrPbdK2dFxzNorbit is a kind married guy, that lost his parents when he was just a kid, and spent his childhood in an orphanage, owned by Mr.Wong. Rasputia, his wife, is a strong and overweight woman, that does everything to make her husband’s life “pleasant” and “peaceful”. Everything in Norbits’s life goes “very well”, until in town returns his childhood love – Kate Thomas. Norbit remembers his feelings for Kate, and does everything for her love in return. But do you really think that Rasputia will let him go so easy?

“Norbit” is a funny romantic-comedy, that was directed by Brian Robbins, written and produced by well-known Eddie Murphy, who also starred in the movie as Norbit,Rasputia and Mr.Wong.

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