maxresdefaultBlake Tollison Shelton is an American country music singer from Nashville, Tennessee. Shelton started his music career in 2001, after he released his first album “Austin”, that remained at #1 position for five weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The album was certified Gold, as well as the second and the third one. The artist has been five times Grammy nominated and has won several nominations at Academy of Country Music Awards.
“Based on a True Story…” is the artist’s eight studio album that was released in 2013. It was certified Platinum, becoming one of the best sold albums of 2013 in the US.
Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite Shelton’s song called “Boys ‘Round Here”.
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Notorious_BIG-Life_After_Death1-e1331104684115Christopher Wallace, but all of you know him as The Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls, was an American rapper that has played an important role in developing East Coast hip hop. The debut album, Wallace released in 1994, called “Ready To Die”. It was four times platinum certified and in 2006, Time included it on their list of the 100 greatest albums of all time.
While working on his second album, the artist was involved in the growing East Coast/West Coast hip hop feud. Maybe this is why, on March 9, 1997, Biggie Smalls was killed by an unknown assailant. Sixteen days later was released his second album, “Life After Death”, that was one of few albums in history certified Diamond.
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nickelodeons-the-backyardigansAnimated TV series are an important part of every kid’s life. They play an important role in their education by developing important qualities like kindness, gentleness and desire for adventures.
The Backyardigans is a Canadian/Amarican musical TV series that tells us the story of five animal friends: Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin. In every episode, the backyard transforms in an adventure place with story-driven musicals. The animated heroes will inspire your baby to dance and sing while they will climb the mountains and cross the oceans.
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WILL FERRELL ROBERT GOULET RINGTONESAs we get older we begin to live more boring. Life comes down to work, family and watching football at the TV. No one is saying that it is bad or wrong, but it’s not always fun. There are many ways to make your life more interesting and original. You can find yourself a hobby, go to travel, and more. But the easiest way to make life a little better, it’s a little change that surrounds you constantly. You are all-day contact with the phone – someone is calling to you or you get a sms. Therefore, you can change the ringtone! Hilarious and original ringtone will brighten up your gray days.
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SCANSNAP S510 DRIVER DOWNLOADYou’re a writer, teacher, or an employee in library? You constantly have to work with a large volume of paper? Then you just need a good and fast scanner. ScanSnap S510 is just a device that you need. It has a quick access menu “Quick Menu”. You can scan an A3 documents. The device scans in Word, in Excel and in PowerPoint. It produces scanning in resolution of 600dpi. Just a click on the new S510 scanner, is enough to start the scanning process. The device has integrated functions of text recognition, which provide the convenience of further processing of the scanned data, for example, in applications Microsoft® Office.
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epsxe-190-Copy_zpsedbbb666ePSXe is a PlayStation emulator, that initially started as an experimental project fourteen years ago. It was developed by three programmers Calb, _Demo_ and Galtor. ePSXe is able to run any PlayStation game, if you constantly update the program. However, from time to time you can receive an error message related to the emulator. Missing WNASP132.DLL file is a common problem, when you are trying to run the emulator. There are two reasons why this message could appear: either the dll file was accidentally deleted or it was corrupted.The easiest way to get rid of the error message is download a new Wnasp132.dll file and move it to ePSXe directory.
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freesr-logoWould you like to control your computer using only your voice? Using FreeSR Speech Recognition software, you will be able to open folders, write messages, launch programs and open your favorite websites. Now you can perform all these tasks using personalized voice commands. You can use the your laptop’s incorporated microphone, or any other microphone connected to you computer. The speech recognition software works perfectly with any Windows version and any laptop. Now you can perform multiple tasks a lot faster and I can ensure that you will enjoy every minute spent in front of your computer. There are dozens of expensive voice control software, but today you can DOWNLOAD FreeSR program absolutely for free!


QUICKPLAY SLINGPLAYER 0.4.6QUICKPLAY is software that allows you to play games on the computer, without having to install on it the operating system. It is a technology pioneered by Hewlett-Packard. QuickPlay is also installed at the many HP Compaq notebooks. Also the technology has been emulated by other computer manufacturers such as Dell, Alienware and Toshiba in various models.
After an agreement between HP and SlingMedia, they released QuickPlay SlingPlayer. Slingmedia is the company which is the creator of the SlingBox, device that allows you to watch television anywhere, as it connects with your TV and streams the signal to your PC, mobile phone via home network. This new player gives the opportunity to watch TV or to play games without operation system. QuickPlay SlingPlayer is already pre-installed on all HP QuickPlay-enabled notebooks.
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OSWALD CHAMBERS DAILY DEVOTIONAL DOWNLOAD FREEChristianity is the largest religion in the world. Most of the world’s population is Christians. However, it is worth noting that there are several branches of Christianity – Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism, and others. The main source and the main document is the holy Bible. In addition, the Bible is the holy and for the other religion – Judaism. The Bible was written by different authors over many centuries, according to the traditional view in Christianity – from the XV century. B.C. till the I century A.D. The Bible tells about the creation of the world, of everything in it, some of the facts from history and the life of Jesus and so on.
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MGK LACE UP FREE MP3 DOWNLOADThe Internet is a free space where people can do whatever he wants. But this is not always the case. There are actions that are limited. Such actions are viewing unlicensed films, installation of pirated games and programs, as well as free music downloads. At such content Copyright protection exists of individuals and companies to whom these files belong. However, not everyone wants to pay money for watching a movie or downloading songs. Then people start looking for sites where you can find free content, but it is also fraught with problems. Along with a song or movie, you can download a bunch of viruses that will damage your computer.
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