Nowadays we can find a large assortment of applications, each field can offer dozens of different programs from different developers, and naturally each one claims that their product is the best. The same goes for burning DVD programs, the market is large and a novice user doesn’t know from where to start. Maybe not the best, but also not the worse is the DVDFab. DVDFab is a powerful software that offers tools for creating copies, burning, ripping and converting DVD discs. The program allows converting video media from a DVD disc, maintaining its initial multimedia quality, also it can easily remove any kind of disc protection system present on the user’s DVD disc.
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DVDFab is an application designed to copy and burn DVD discs. With up to 8 different copy modes, the user can easily make a backup copy of any DVD to his DVDR or computer’s hard drive in just some simple steps. DVDFab is a very flexible program allowing many options during the copy process, such as: copy a fewer number of videos, copy/remove subtitles or additional audio tracks, fully copy the DVD with the menu and trailers etc. Also it can convert the movies from DVD format into AVI, MPEG-4, MP4, DivX or WMV and in other types supported by Apple products, PlayStation 3 etc.
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A task to copy a DVD appears quite often in our daily life, from which, we have a large number of potential applications for this. A copy process of a DVD isn’t something supernatural, but it has it’s nuances; also not all applications will satisfy your desires. For example, to copy a selective number of movies from a DVD9 disc to a DVD5, at the same to to convert files for a lighter size, with it’s original menu and to delete the subtitles.In this case many programs will fail, but not the DVDFab. DVDFab is an universal and easy to use application, designed to copy DVD data from one media storage to another, also offering additional copy options.
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DVD Fab is an application for a fast and efficient copy of DVD’s without loss of their quality (full support of NTSC and PAL), rewriting DVD discs on your computer’s hard disk drive – very easy for use and, at the same time, offers advanced functions, which can be accessed through a specific menu that appears after the left mouse button click. The program allows to create an exact copy of video data, located in the digital storage media, also copies the unique features present in the DVD, such as: menu, subtitles, different language soundtracks. Removes all types of protection (Macrovision, CSS, Sony ARccOS, RCE and RC).
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A smooth performance of every computer depends not only of the installed hardware but also on the software. Each piece has to be in resonance with the other to create a stable working environment. For a good compatibility we have to find the right drivers, for that purpose we recommend the Driver Whiz! Driver Whiz is a driver manager application that can easily determine outdated or missing drivers on your PC with Windows OS. Basically it fully scans your system, determines outdated or missing drivers and at the end shows this list. From there you can click on the icon next to each driver to start an automatic download and install process of the driver.

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Driver Whiz is a driver manager that scans your system’s installed drivers and compares them to the ones in its database. If it finds an outdated version of some drivers, in the dialog box the user can select from his choosing the ones to update. The internal database of the program is regularly updated via internet to ensure a fresh list of drivers. After a full system scan the user can easily download most recent and stable version of the outdated or missing driver, all he must do is click on the icon next to the driver’s name and the download will shortly star.

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