PESN TO MEID CONVERTERESN is a unique device number. If the contract has not been paid in the United States, your phone will be lock to other operators on ESN-number, and it becomes tainted with bad ESN. Therefore, the device with a broken ESN cannot be used in the United States. If the ESN is not spoiled, usually write clean ESN. For other countries ESN is not important, and the phone even with a broken ESN will work as a GSM-, as in CDMA-networks.
Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) is the number on your device that identifies your device over the wireless network. The number consists of 14 digits and contains the manufacturer’s code and serial number.
If you need to convert a MEID or ESN numbers you can use the Ā«PESN TO MEID CONVERTERĀ» that can been downloaded from the link below.