folders159It is comfortable when, while we are exploring some photos or images, the .psd files show us a preview. From time to time, there happens an issue and we are not able to preview some files that we are working on. If you are using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, like 6 or 7, well the problem could be that the PSICON.DLL file is missing from your computer. Don’t worry, because you can solve this problem by downloading the PSICON.DLL. Afterwards, you should copy the file on the following address: C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Adobe\\Shell\\, and now you will be able to get back to work.
Keep in mind that this file does not get along very well with Windows, so there is a small chance that later you will have the same issue.
Just DOWNLOAD PSICON.DLL file for free and enjoy working in PS!