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For our children in home the computer is as familiar and indispensable as an electric lamp. Curiosity and the desire to imitate at children have led to the fact that the computer is part of their lives before the alphabet and ABC book. Educational computer games for children are used to enhance the effectiveness of training in conventional areas: formation of logical thinking, improved memory and motor coordination, development of imagination, surround perception, reading and simple arithmetic. In order to get permission to use a computer, the child has to get used to the discipline to perform actions in a strict sequence, careful attitude to technology. Adult family members make up the rules of use for the baby and strictly monitor their implementation: time spent at the computer no more than 15-20 minutes a day, careful handling of the mouse and keyboard, etc. Already in the process of learning on the computer child develops fine motor skills as well as clicks on the main button, move the mouse while watching what is happening on the screen, which promotes concentration. Educational computer games for children are aimed at different age groups as well as take into account the knowledge and skills that the child usually has at a given age. Just games of all ages aimed at gradual development. To very young children can be offered games in which they learn to distinguish shapes in shape and color, running commands on the screen to remove the red square or a yellow circle. There are even more simple tasks to recognize colors, for example, you need to paint the familiar heroes of fairy tales or cartoons, choosing a color with the mouse. After a trip to the zoo can be mounted acquaintance with the animals with the help of computer games, connect an audio and visual memorization: dog – barking cat – meow bird – tweets, etc. A little later, you can try to master the game for picking up items from different parts: to fold doll or a snowman in the picture. If the picture is assembled correctly, the child will hear a cheerful song or see a short cartoon. Computer games for children can open them a new, fascinating world, a world where are so many interesting things. All the little kids are especially inquisitive, and games, including computer, become for them a very important element of knowledge, familiarity with all new. Developing games for children contribute to the development of the child discipline, independence and respect for the art. It is important to make rules for using the computer for a small child prodigy and strictly monitor their implementation. The use of computer games for children allows us to develop and consolidate their many useful skills. For example, in addition to memory training and the development of thinking in children improves perseverance, coordination, developing concentration and sense of purpose. In addition, computer games have another undoubted advantage – they can be used to turn the study in an exciting game, because children do not like to learn, but to play – always. Educational games for children can teach the ability to analyze and find certain patterns. These games contribute to the development of their creative edge, a beneficial effect on the overall development of the child. Computer educational games, this is a very good way of all-round development of the child. But the most important thing is not to overdo it, because all should be in moderation, and no, even the best game, cannot replace for a child normal live communication with parents and peers.

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Purble Place is a suite of three computer games for children. It was developed by Oberon Games for Microsoft. Oberon Media (also known as Oberon Games) – is a private company, the developer, publisher and distributor of computer games. Oberon Media focuses mainly on multi-platform casual games, especially online games for social networks. Also in the asset of Oberon Media there are a lot of mobile games for smartphones and handheld computers, interactive television and operating systems. The largest and regular partners of Oberon Media, for which it produces games on demand, are the companies Microsoft, AT & T, Yahoo !, Electronic Arts and Orange France. Purble Place is a set of three educational games:

  • Purble Pairs is a memory game. The goal is to remove all the tiles from the board by finding matching pairs.
  • Comfy Cakes challenges players to create cakes at match the cake in the upper left-hand corner of the game. Choose the correct pan, cake batter, icing, etc., to build the cake.
  • Purble Shop is a game of logic and recognition. The goal of Purble Shop is for the player to determine the features of a Purble (a game character) hiding behind the curtain.

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Purble Place will help children to improve their mind and rememberings, learn colors, shapes, and patterns and solve simple problems in logical ways and methods.

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