QUICKPLAY SLINGPLAYER 0.4.6QUICKPLAY is software that allows you to play games on the computer, without having to install on it the operating system. It is a technology pioneered by Hewlett-Packard. QuickPlay is also installed at the many HP Compaq notebooks. Also the technology has been emulated by other computer manufacturers such as Dell, Alienware and Toshiba in various models.
After an agreement between HP and SlingMedia, they released QuickPlay SlingPlayer. Slingmedia is the company which is the creator of the SlingBox, device that allows you to watch television anywhere, as it connects with your TV and streams the signal to your PC, mobile phone via home network. This new player gives the opportunity to watch TV or to play games without operation system. QuickPlay SlingPlayer is already pre-installed on all HP QuickPlay-enabled notebooks.
To download QUICKPLAY SLINGPLAYER 0.4.6 click the link below.